Hybrid Flash Storage

Gain the performance of flash storage where you need it at a reduced cost by using a NetApp hybrid storage.

Match the business value and demand level of your data to storage performance and cost using NetApp® hybrid flash storage. NetApp hybrid flash storage lets you gain the speed of flash storage where you need it and use more affordable HDD to address your capacity requirements.

Hybrid flash is:

  • Efficient
  • Simple to install
  • Self-managing
  • NetApp Virtual Storage Tier (VST) provides automated, intelligent storage tiering, promoting your ‘hot’ data to flash on first read. You get the maximum benefits of flash while requiring less of it.

Using NetApp hybrid flash, you get flash performance plus the capacity of disk. Reduce your storage footprint and save on hardware, management and environmental costs with NetApp hybrid flash storage.

Key Points

  • Leverage flash plus lower-cost drives to achieve SLOs.
  • Implement automated, intelligent storage tiering.
  • Get real-time, data-driven application responsiveness.
  • Balance cost of deploying flash with actual business results.

All-Flash Storage

NetApp all-flash storage arrays let you drive greater speed, responsiveness and value from key business applications.

Integrate NetApp® all-flash storage into your enterprise using the approach that delivers you the most value. NetApp offers three platforms of all-flash arrays designed to boost the speed and responsiveness of your key business applications. All three platforms deliver extreme IOPS and ultralow latency.

NetApp all-flash FAS is a feature-rich platform that combines low-latency performance with robust data management, built-in efficiencies, integrated data protection, multiprotocol support and non-disruptive operations. All-flash FAS can be deployed as a standalone system or as a high-performance tier in a NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® software configuration, with non-disruptive data mobility between tiers.

NetApp EF-Series is a field-proven, high-efficiency platform with a streamlined operating system that’s built for I/O-intensive workloads where the focus is on performance, latency, density and price.

NetApp FlashRay™ architecture delivers an innovative balance of extreme performance and efficiency. FlashRay delivers always-on, inline deduplication and compression to increase effective capacity and provide more value for your storage dollar. Its adaptable low-latency performance addresses a wide-range of high-performance SAN workloads.

Key Points

  • Achieve predictable sub-millisecond response times.
  • Improve application performance with extreme IOPS.
  • Lower operating costs by eliminating overprovisioning.
  • Integrate flash with enterprise data services.

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