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Welcome to Majenta FlexPod and the best of class, pre-validated data centre solutions which have been jointly developed by NetApp and Cisco.

Businesses need agile application deployments, IT managers therefore need agile data centres. Majenta FlexPod delivers both.

Accelerate your transition to the cloud

Accelerate your transition to the Cloud with the pre-validated FlexPod or ExpressPod data centre platform that integrates components into a single, flexible architecture, increasing efficiencies and reducing risk.


Microsoft and VMware’s virtualisation platforms act as the perfect enablers for Cloud computing architectures. FlexPod enables IT to meet SLAs for the most demanding business critical applications at the lowest total cost of ownership.


Network, storage and compute resources can scale completely independently of each other whilst at the same time remaining part of the pre-validated architecture.

Co-operative Support

Resolve problems rapidly with streamlined support. FlexPod features a co-operative support model that encompasses Cisco, NetApp and key industry alliance partners. The company that you contact initially will be designated as the owner of the case through to successful resolution. That includes hypervisors, applications and OSs from other vendors.

Key Benefits

Increase flexibility

Improve IT agility and future-proof your business with a flexible, unified architecture that scales to a full private or public cloud, while leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Enhance Efficiency

Slash both application deployment time and TCO by 50% with a converged, virtualised infrastructure that streamlines deployment steps and significantly increases asset utilisation.

Reduce Risk

Minimise business disruption with a single pre-validated, standardised platform, built on a clearly defined architecture that eliminates deployment guesswork and accommodates multiple workloads to meet changing business requirements.

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