Flexpod Components

Built with the best-in-class technology, FlexPod delivers a unique configured platform, supporting up to 1,500 users for mixed enterprise application workloads. The integrated solution consists of:

NetApp FAS

This unified storage platform supports all protocols so organisations no longer need to purchase separate systems to accommodate different storage needs. You can slash capacity use by up to 50% with built-in deduplication and thin provisioning, as well as space-efficient backup and cloning. The system also enhances operational efficiency with automated storage management, data protection and security, and optimises performance with 10GbE or FCoE.

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)

A data centre platform that is designed to eliminate time-consuming manual configuration, reduce TCO, and increase business agility. UCS combines compute, network, storage access, and virtualisation into a scalable, modular system that is easily managed as a single entity by Cisco UCS Manager. The radically simplified architecture greatly reduces the number of devices that must be purchased, configured, managed, and secured.

Cisco Nexus

A data centre switch to identify and consolidate all network traffic onto a single simplified, cost-effective architecture. Nexus switches offer “zero-touch” installation, automatic configuration, and excellent scalability, including in-service upgrades. A single point of policy management also increases efficiency, availability and security.


Choice of management solutions

NetApp and Cisco work with trusted partners to provide you with a choice of management solutions. The Flexpod architecture enables this by providing APIs at each layer so it is easily integrated with a broad range of software solutions for end-to-end management. Validated Flexpod Management Solutions have been tested in NetApp and Cisco labs to verify that they deliver essential functionality. Together with partners, they provide a variety of capabilities including automation and orchestration, monitoring and analytics, and configuration management.

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