Virtualisation dramatically reduces your management and maintenance costs by consolidating your legacy physical hardware to a virtual model. A single management platform can be adopted, enabling you to easily manage your entire datacentre.

Building a virtualised environment will require the implementation of several key technologies from multiple vendors. Majenta simplify this whole process for you, by partnering with world class vendors, carefully crafting a select a range of products and services to support effective virtualisation strategies.

Majenta will ensure that new servers are deployed in minutes, saving time and installation costs and so keeping your business running efficiently at all times. You will also increase your businesses environmental credentials by virtualising your environment, as your carbon footprint will be reduced from datacentre power and cooling, whilst saving you money.

Why Majenta?

Rest assured, Majenta Consultants offer successful implementation experience across multiple business sectors. We will ensure that your business is protected, as you will benefit from our experience and expertise in business continuity and disaster recovery. A smooth transition into a virtualised environment will be made, using our project planning and analysis services.

Working with Majenta will ensure that

  • The best path for successful virtualisation is chosen
  • The best approach for virtualising your specific system infrastructure is adopted
  • Appropriate vendor technology is selected from a ‘best in class’ portfolio
  • Appropriate security solutions are implemented, protecting your virtualised environments
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