Centralised Data and Unified Storage Solutions

The volume of digital information flowing through your business is growing exponentially. If you haven’t already done so now is the time to consider a centralised storage solution that can address these new challenges and provide total flexibility as your business needs change in the future.

Data Storage

Our IT Team provides advice on deploying comprehensive solutions that enable the efficient storage of data and management of the infrastructure.  Our all-encompassing solutions will transform the plethora of data moving within your company into a streamlined business process.

Storage solutions

We maximise the value of your corporate data by designing and implementing secure data storage solutions that can be effectively managed, efficiently stored and easily retrieved.   We have an extensive track record of successfully delivering complex implementations using proven deployment methodologies.  Our focus is to you reduce your costs whilst ensuring business continuity and enhancement of your overall productivity.

Our strong relationships with leading storage vendors including NetApp, HP and Dell mean that we can recommend the best solution for your unique business requirement and budget.

Hybrid Storage

Hybrid storage arrays deliver superior ROI, reduce your operational cost and minimise risks for growth.

Whatever the size of your enterprise Majenta can deliver powerful, flexible storage that manages growth while maximising the long-term value of your IT investment delivering simplified storage operations and connection to the cloud.  Our hybrid storage solutions enable businesses of all sizes to reap considerable commercial advantages:

  • Get more from your investment. Leverage up to 20x more of the industry’s most efficient flash technology – accelerating workloads by up to 46%. Boost hard-disk utilisation further with enhanced partitioning and storage efficiencies.
  • Reduce IT operational costs. Deploy a single unit or a complete cluster faster with System Setup. Automate storage management (provision, protect, monitor) with the click of a button.
  • Minimise risk and disruption. Start small to minimise upfront costs. Scale up to eight nodes, without disruption, as your data requirements grow. Connect to the cloud without vendor lock-in.

Key Benefits of Hybrid Storage

  • Accelerate your SAN and NAS workloads with up to 20x the hybrid flash
  • Go from initial power-up to serving data in less than 10 minutes
  • Upgrade software and add or retire storage with zero downtime
  • Reduce storage consumption by 50% and boost usable capacity
  • Connect to the cloud to protect data and handle dynamic storage needs

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