When it comes to protecting your business-critical data, you can trust Majenta’s extensive experience, dedicated service and carefully selected product range to ensure your business continuity.

Your business data should be considered mission-critical. It is therefore of paramount importance that access to your data is reliable and security never compromised.  Implementing a back-up and DR strategy will ensure that your business never suffers from unforeseen disruptions however minor or significant they might be.  Your business might be able to sustain a few hours without access to certain software or data but how would you cope if that data was permanently irretrievable or the system that you rely on for business-critical activity had no back-up?

At Majenta we deliver highly resilient back-up and disaster recovery solutions that create and maintain data ‘safety-nets’ for your business. Our experienced, qualified and award winning team deliver a dedicated service recommending and designing the right solution for your specific needs.

We work in close collaboration with best-of-breed vendors so that we can offer you powerful, streamlined and sophisticated back-up and disaster recovery solutions that are suitable for businesses large and small. Our solutions have been carefully chosen based on their quality, durability and usability and thoroughly tested to see how effectively they minimise system downtime, prevent data loss and ensure that your business doesn’t suffer.

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